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Aurora Parent Advisory Council E-News Update


Hello everyone!

We wanted to send out an email with a few reminders:

'SNOWDAYS'/'COLD DAYS - There is no lunch program on snowdays/cold days.  If the buses are not running, it is unsafe for our volunteers to come in to the school, therefore hot lunch will be cancelled for the day.  If you have placed an order on a SNOW DAY/COLD DAY your account will be credited, except for a Subway Sub Sandwich day.  On a Subway sub sandwich day, Subway will not cancel orders the morning of.  Therefore you will not receive a credit on a Subway day.  On all other days this credit is good to be used towards your next order.  If your child goes to school on a 'snowday'/'cold day' , you will have to send a bagged lunch.


SICK or ABSENT DAYS - No refunds or credits are given.  If your child isn't at school on a day you have ordered lunch for them for any reason, their lunch will be saved with their name on it in the kitchen fridge until the next day.  You can pick it up if you are at the school or they can come down to the kitchen and get it the next day if they are at school.  *The lunches are disposed of by 1:00pm the following day, as that is when our volunteers leave the kitchen. 


CHANGING or CANCELLING YOUR ORDER- You are able to cancel, change or add to your order after it has been confirmed and paid for.  Just log into your account and click on the -MANAGE ORDERS- tab , then the -ORDER- tab.  You can make changes anytime up until 12pm (noonThursday for the upcoming week.  To cancel an order just change the number on that day to '0'.  A credit will automatically be put on your account to be used towards your next order.  After 12PM (noonThursday, changes cannot be made for the upcoming week only.


VIEWING ORDERS - To see what you have ordered for your child, log into your account.  Click to the  *MANAGE ORDERS* tab , then the *PRINT* tab.  This will show you a list of what orders are confirmed including the current week which is blocked for ordering.  (You can also see this list under the *STUDENTS* tab by clicking on the PRINTER ICON)


FIELD TRIP OR SPECIAL EVENT DAYS - If your child's class has a "special" day where they will not be at school, or lunch is being provided by someone other than the regular lunch program, please try your very best to make sure you do not order lunch.  We have asked the teachers and staff to let us know when this is happening and we are doing our best to block ordering for classes on these days, but we aren't always made aware of these events.  If you have an instance where you find out about the event after you have paid for an order, you can go in and change your order as long as you aren't trying to change afterThursday12pm (noon) for the upcoming week.  *We are not able to block ordering for individual students so for club event days or pizza parties (like Choir, Patrol, Learning Expedition, etc)  it is up to you to make sure you haven't ordered on these days.*


CONTACT INFORMATION - If you haven't already done so, we ask that you please update your profile to include an evening phone number that you can be reached at.


MILK AND JUICE - can also be ordered online.  Orders can be confirmed, deleted and changed up until 12pm (noon) on Thursdays for the upcoming week the same as regular lunch program.  Any questions or concerns regarding milk and juice orders should be directed to the school office as this is not facilitated by the PAC but rather by school staff.  (780) 542-9355.  *Refunds and online credits are not given for milk.  You must discuss this with the ladies in the office*


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please call or text us!

Amanda Grue (780) 542-1793

Lora Gerber (780) 621-3423

Annette Cartwright (780) 898-4860

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