Aurora's Learning Expedition 2016-17 Let’s Go and Grow! “Oh, here we go! Feel it in my soul!”





Dear Parents/Guardians,


It’s important to work on having a well balanced BRAIN! At Aurora, we are excited to invite your child to partake in the Aurora’s “Let’s Go and Grow” Learning Expedition to develop a stronger and more powerful brain. Each day that your child  does reading, writing or math for 15 minutes (K-2) or 30 minutes(3-6), we ask that you initial a box on his/her brainiac bingo card. You are only allowed to fill in one box per day. The earliest the first card can come in is October 25. Any homework time also counts as time spent on a “balanced brain” and toward your bingo card. Once your child has completed a whole brainiac card, he/she can bring it in:

  • For a chance to work with a staff member to collect prizes in a “Prize Tunnel” during an assembly
  • Towards bringing his/her grade closer to being the Brainiac Champions of Aurora School
  • To get free books
  • To earn “Braniac Bucks” which is equivalent to 10 house league tickets


The More Logs Handed In, The More Bucks Received!!!





Earliest date log can be returned


10 tickets


Oct. 25


20 tickets


Nov. 19


30 tickets


Dec. 14


40 tickets

Book Prize

Jan. 8


50 tickets


Feb. 2


60 tickets


Feb 27


70 tickets


March 24


80 tickets

Book Prize

April 18


90 tickets


May 13


100 tickets

Book Prize

June 9


Possible Brain Friendly Activities to Consider:



  1. Play card games that reinforce math skills. Crib is an obvious example, but consider any game and have your child score keep.
  2. Bring Math books home from school. Keep up on homework. Redo old questions.


  1. Practice songs learned in school
  2. Practice your own instrument - it can be work assigned by your piano teacher for example!


  1. Listen to or read to self stories or novels
  2. Do some research about a topic of interest - cars, magic tricks, horses, etc


  1. Practice penmanship or calligraphy
  2. Work on a writing a piece of poetry or a story. Consider submitting it to a writing competition - check the internet!
  3. Practice spelling words

Visual Arts

  1. Use a “How to Draw” book or website



Let’s Go and Grow!

“Oh, here we go! Feel it in my soul!”