2017-2018 Parent Council Executive

Chair: Jen Sinclair
Co-Chair: Megan Hicks
Secretary: Kristy Pyrch
Treasurer: Jenni Peters
Casino Rep: Open
Hot lunch Coordinator: Lora Gerber, Amanda Grue, Annette Cartwright
Event Coordinator: Jenise Savage, Melodie Winterhalt

Welcome to Parent Council

Welcome! If you are a returning parent you may be familiar with the Parent Council and some of the things we do or help support at Aurora. If you are new, I would like to introduce you to the Parent Council.

The Parent Council is a parent run, non-profit organization that works together to better our school. We run and/or fund many "extra" programs such as Walking Running Club, The Reading Expedition, Family Movie Night, The School Float, the Music Festival, and of course the Hot Lunch Program just to name a few.

In recent years we have done kitchen renovations, completed the playground, purchased a sign for the gym as well as installing audio system to make concerts and assemblies more enjoyable.

So as you can see we do a lot as Parent Council here at Aurora. Let me welcome the people who have stepped up and taken executive positions. The board for this year is listed to left.

We have wonderful volunteers and parents who help make every year great and I would like to thank them for that. If you are a Facebook user please feel free to join our page "Aurora School Parents". Our meetings are the third week of every month; please watch the newsletters for our dates. You are welcom to come and enjoy our meetings. We have a lot of fun there and childcare is provided! YOU CAN HELP IN A MEANINGFUL WAY!

Aurora Parent Council (Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid You Might Get Elected To The Executive) 


  • We serve as an advisory group to the principal. We offer perspective, suggestions, and raise concerns on any issue related to the operation and programs of the school.
  • We raise money to offer or enhance a variety of programs at the school, e.g. hot lunch, Reading Expedition, playground equipment, Performing Arts Festival, etc.

WHO IS A MEMBER?- Every parent with a child registered at the school is a member. That means you are already a member. 

WHO CAN ATTEND MEETINGS AND WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO VOTE? - Every parent with a child registered at the school. As well, members of the general public have attended from time to time, but cannot vote. 

WHEN ARE THE MEETINGS? Our meetings will be held at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of every month in the library. Child care is provided at no cost and everyone is welcome. 


WHY SHOULD A PARENT ATTEND? Student success at school is a cooperative effort between the home and school. The School Council is an excellent source of information and a forum for views to help with the delivery of the curriculum and school programs. Your involvement offers you insight and a say in your child’s education. 

WHAT ROLES CAN PARENTS FILL THROUGH THE SCHOOL COUNCIL? Simply by attending the meetings you are filling a valuable role. As well, if you are interested, each September a new executive is elected: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, volunteer coordinator, hot lunch coordinator, kindergarten representative, and year book coordinator. Also, the council needs volunteers to help with the hot lunch program. Generally, hot lunch volunteers help one day per week for 2 to 3 hours before the lunch recess. 

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