Music Program - Director Mrs. Karlstrom

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Aurora Elementary is very proud of the music program offered to students. Working primarily from an Orff Schulwerk foundation, attendance is required for two 30 minute periods per week with Kindergarten getting one period. Aurora boasts a very well equipped facility that accommodates risers for choral settings, hardwood floor for movement and a large area for instruments.

Examples of what our students learn:

  • - concepts through experiencing music
  • - all inclusive participation with regular classes
  • - voice as a primary instrument - musical development through movement
  • - skill development on “Orff” instruments - appreciation through listening as a primary musical experience
  • - performance opportunities

Special groups perform throughout the year. Annual concerts are held during the Christmas season and Junior and Senior choirs perform in the school as well as out in the community. Seasonal units such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day also provide diversity. 

A spring talent show has become another traditional event for the school. This creates an opportunity for the students to shine in a wide variety of musical abilities as well as many other talents.